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Google EduCast #122 - Looking For A Good Pegman

This week Kim takes the lead as the ‘cast ponders the Google barge mystery, perhaps there will be a field trip there one day using Google hangouts! Sean and Juan share how Google+ communities get granular permissions for edu domains and YouTube gets Google+ like commenting on videos. With updates to slides and apps launcher replacing the black bar Fred has lots to share. Oh yeah, the part where Kim goes looking for (peg) man. We talk about how to use Trigger to customize your Android experience based on where you are. Juan shares the packaged app LucidChart and LucidPress. Kim shares Google Students and Passports to the Out of Eden Walk to encourage students to absorb the world around them.  ---- 120 words

  • Segment 2: Tips and Tricks.

    • Kevin’s Keyboard Shortcut of the Week: Paste without formatting in Drive: ctrl (cmd)-shift-v

    • Search Challenge from last week. Soccer vs Futbol.

G'day GoogleEducasters,

Just responding to your Google Search Challenge:

We (Aussies and Americans) call 'Roundball fall down if someone touches me 'Football"' soccer because it was once called association football in the UK. This was so that it did not get confused with ruby etc. Apparently a Charles Wreford-Brown, who was an official in Association Football was asked to play in a game of rugby and said that he would rather play 'soccer'. Which was a play on the word 'assocer' which was a play on the word 'association.'

Anyway I find the show really valuable and I am implementing a lot of what you discuss in my classroom.

Thanks and Regards

Jack Lawicki

Melbourne, Australia.

  • This week’s Search Challenge

  • What is this icon called?  In Google Chrome and on apps on Android devices there used to be an icon of a wrench for when you wanted to go to settings. Now more and more developers are using a new 3 horizontal bar icon. Telling students to go to the 3 bars or 3 lines icon is awkward. Developers have a name for it. We want you to find the name that they call it. Include a link to the page where you found the answer.  Email the name of this icon along with your link to

Show Side Note 2:  A big reminder! PBS and EdReach are collecting education WINS! By going to anyone can submit an #EduWin- to help us shape the conversation of education into a positive one. If you see an innovation, a story, a moment happen- be a citizen reporter- and tell the world! Submit an #EduWin at and let’s change the story of education.