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Google Educast #086 - Declaring Chrome Tab Bankruptcy

Show Title: Google Educast #86: Declaring Chrome Tab Bankruptcy
Show Host: Kevin Brookhouser
Show Date: February 28, 2013
Show Contributors:
  • Kim Zimmer
  • Sean Williams
  • Chris Betcher

Show Description:
Kim, Sean, Chris, and Kevin answer the following questions: Do all students need to learn coding? Do we really want students bringing Google Glass to class? Which of those tabs in Chrome is making all that racket? We also talk about using Google Drive Apps such as Pixlr and Desmos Graphing Calculator for math projects.

Lots of Google approved resources for teaching computer science!

  • Shoutouts and Feedback- always a good idea to let the audience know about sessions, workshops, keynotes- and events happening in International Education.
    • Shout out to Ian Pratt in Northants, England who watches on Youtube while he’s doing his markings.
    • Shout to Nick Cusumano and Jake Duncan for jumping in on a Hangout demo for some teachers in Edmonton as well as our own +Kevin Brookhouser for helping out on a 20% time in the classroom workshop
    • SXSWEdu
    • Brett Moller asked for an online community to ask questions about Google Apps for Education.  Try contacting your local GAFE User Group.

  • Google Apps for Education Survey

We want your feedback! We are reaching out to students and educators all over the world to gain a better understanding of how Google tools are used in schools and universities so that we can continue to improve and develop products that are useful for you. It’s anonymous and short -- it should only take you 10-15 minutes. Please also help by forwarding to other administrators, teachers, and IT managers at your school and beyond -- we want to gather as many responses as possible! Note that respondents have to be 18 or older, so please do not send to younger students. Complete it by March 19th, 2013, when the survey will close. Please take the survey here!

Upcoming Events
Connect with other educators and Googlers. You can find out about upcoming live events, webinars, and Hangouts on Air on the News and Calendar page of our website. Some upcoming highlights include:
1. February 26: Register for the webinar- “The Power of the Web for Teaching and Learning – Richland School District Two Goes 1:1 with Google Chromebooks and Apps for Education”
2. March 4-7: Stop by the Google lounge at SXSWEdu or check out sessions by Google’s Jaime Casap or Angela Lin and YouTube stars.
3. March 21: Register for the webinar- Learning in the Cloud: East Leyden High School Goes 1:1.
4. Multiple: Attend a Google in Education Summit- Alberta, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Newark, Charlottesville, Chicago, and Brisbane. Check News and Calendar for dates.

Looking ahead (outtro):

That will do it for this week on the Google Educast! A big thanks to the crew this week: