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Google Educast #085: Keep your Fingerprints off my Chromebook

Show Description
Corin Richards joins Chris, Sean, and Kevin to discuss the slick new Chromebook that we’re all trying to justify. We fail. Chris shows off the new preview mode in Drive, Sean tries to tell if you’re actually reading his emails with the archaic read receipt feature rolled out in gmail, Corin shows off book sheets instead of  book reports, and Kevin shows how canceling a photo upload in Google+ actually saves it.

Show Title: Google Educast #85: Keep your Fingerprints off my Chromebook
Show Host: Kevin Brookhouser
Show Date: Feb. 21, 2013
Show Contributors:
  • Chris Betcher
  • Sean Williams
Show Guest(s):
  • Corin Richards

  • Segment 3: Chrome and Android:
    • Click and hold to show history in Chrome (SW)

  • Segment 4: Classroom Applications:
    • Essay Tagger (KB)
      1. the Google account login will then allow us to track a specific student through her entire career in a particular district - across all teachers and disciplines, for any assessment completed in EssayTagger (and even better if it's a Common Core-aligned assessment). We're looking for pilot schools who are interested in this kind of horizontally and vertically unified assessment data. Pilot schools' needs would drive the development and direction of this unified data. In exchange we'd do the pilot for free and offer super-friendly terms for 2013-14 and beyond.
    • Book Sheet instead of book reports (CR)
      1. Have students submit information about the novel they are reading on a monthly basis. Populate a spreadsheet with a summary, number of pages, genre, reader, author, etc. Teach students to sort this spreadsheet to find something good to read.

  • Shoutouts and Feedback- always a good idea to let the audience know about sessions, workshops, keynotes- and events happening in International Education.