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Google Educast #082 - BETT-ing on Raspberry Pi

Show Title: Google Educast #82: BETT-ing on Raspberry Pi
Show Host: Fred Delventhal
Show Date: January 31, 2013
Show Contributors:
  • Kevin Brookhouser
  • Kim Zimmer (blast from the past)
  • Chris Betcher
Show Guest:
  • Danielle Filas
  • Dom Breadmore
Guests bio:

Danielle’s bio

Show Description for WordPress Post (70 words):
On this week’s show we look at the new Google Forms, we head across the pond to the UK’s BETT conference to learn from Dom Breadmore about Google’s interest in teaching programming to students and Danielle Filas shares how to use edit your form response in the classroom.

  • Segment 1: What’s New with Google
    • Update to Google Forms! woo woo!!
      • collaborate with others on Forms/chat
      • changes are autosaved
      • copy/paste features & keyboard shortcuts
      • annnddd...users can submit their answers right from gmail, no link needed!
      • My personal acct has the new version enabled but our education domain does not FYI - Kim
      • are people making too much of a stink over lack of themes?

Geek Gurl Diaries -

  • Segment 2: Tips and Tricks.

  • inurl search operator (KB)
  • Kathy Connelley writes: Thanks for the EdTV sessions.  One of my department members wants to give a Math quiz as a form.  Using the form is easy, what we don't know how to do is to get formulas to insert in the form.  We tried pasting them in from a Google Doc and from a Word Doc and as a screen shot, no luck.  We thought it might work if we first embed into a webpage ... blah, but that's way too much work, especially if she wants to tweek it for different hours.
  • Any ideas would be appreciated and thanks.
    • Forms should be able to support unicode characters. Depending on the complexity of math equations needed using something like Type mathematical symbols online keyboard might help
    • I wonder if the new update will help with the copy and pasting of these equations?

  • Segment 3: Chrome and Android:
  • Segment 4: Classroom Applications:
    • Danielle’s Classroom Application: I’ve found a new way to use Google Forms to encourage a new kind of low key formative assessment and feedback in my Language Arts classes- though I suspect it could be used in just about any subject area and for most age groups! Specifically, I’ve started using a couple of features I routinely ignored until now. First, on the edit form, I check the box to enable users to be able to edit their answers. Then, I go to the Edit Confirmation window (under “More Actions”) and select “Publish Response Summary”. I create a quiz covering the subject we’re currently learning and allow students to take the quiz. When they are done, they can choose “See Previous Responses” and examine their classmates’ answers. If they see an answer they like better than their own, they can select “Edit Your Response” and go change their own answers. I project the answers on our whiteboard and refresh as the students work. We aim to come to agreements on all of the questions. It’s a quiet, introspective, and calm room- as all the pressure to earn a grade is removed. The energy goes toward learning instead of earning.

  • Shoutouts and Feedback- always a good idea to let the audience know about sessions, workshops, keynotes- and events happening in International Education.

  • FETC wrapping up
  • ICE Conference (February 26-March 1)
  • SXSWEdu Conference (March 4-7)

Next Google Teacher Academy in Sydney Australia, May 7/8