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Google Educast #076 - Creative but not always Common

Show Title: Google Educast #076: Creative but not always Common
Show Host: Kevin Brookhouser
Show Date: December 13, 2012
Show Contributors:
  • Kevin Brookhouser
  • Juan De Luca
  • Sean Williams
  • Fred Delventhal
  • Chris Betcher
Show Guest(s):
  • Jason Seliskar

  • Segment 3: Ask a GCT

Hi Google Educast,

I am a newer Technology instructor at an elementary school in the Bay Area.

Instructors at the Fall CUE conference were stressing Creative Commons Image searches.  It seemed like a good idea so I added a search link to my school tech page for Creative Commons and told the students we needed to use images in our work that we have permission to use.  

My classes are currently using iMovie to and needed photos to insert into their movies.  The search results on simple things like "student desk" or "backpack" were not getting them the images they wanted.  Half the class just started doing a regular Google search to get the images and the other half left frustrated.

Any suggestions?

Flicker CC images: