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Google Educast #047 - That's Rad!

Host: Fred Delventhal
Host: Kevin Brookhouser
Host: Sean Williams

Segment #1: In the News - What happened this week?

On-Air Hangouts for all?
Guide to Hangouts on Air by the Google+ Marketing Team

Docs in multiple folders (collections) functionality removed - KB

Education On Air - What’s Next? - FD
"What happens now that Education On Air is over?" you ask.  Well, here it is:
Link to all the presentations
Links to all of the upcoming Google Apps Summits

Who is doing the Screen sharing

Segment #2: Tool Shoutout - An in-depth look at 1 Google product

Conditional formatting -- KB

Segment #3 Tips and Tricks - Cool things we run across  sw

Google Drive - Avoid Getting Bored with your Desktop Pictures - FD

Chrome Stuff

Language Immersion for Chrome    sw
YouTube  link    

Refresh Monkey - FD

Segment #4: Classroom Applications - Cool things that we (or others) are doing with Google in the classroom.

Brought Bernie Dodge into class last night via Hangout - sw


California Apps summit
Midwest Google Conference:
And MORE Google Apps Summits are planned and in the works!
See for details and keep checking back!