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Google Educast #032 - Back in Black

Host: Kimberly Zimmer
Host:  Chris Atkinson
Host: Chris Betcher

Segment #1: In the News - What happened this week?

Gmail offline app has been updated. You can now choose to sync offline mail back to 1 week, 2 weeks or 1 month. Useful!

Search plus your world. Search was updated this week to include results from your socialgraph. You now see relevant results from people you know. Also you can turn off personalisation to see search results untainted by your own account/web history

The Black Navigation Bar is back. After all the fanfare about moving to the new Google Menu (talked about a few weeks ago) it seems Google has changed their mind and is rolling people back to the old Black bar.

Google Body is back as ZygoteBody. Yay! After Google Body just vanished without warning after the demise of Labs, it’s now back and full of promise for bigger and better things.

Threaded comments in Blogger. Finally. You can now leave threaded comments in Blogger so it’s easier to have conversations in the comment thread and know who is replying to what.

College Campuses Get Google Street View Treatment:

Segment #2 Tool Shoutout - An in-depth look at 1 Google product

Google Spreadsheet Mail Merge + Docs - Chris A

Segment #3 Tips and Tricks - Cool little things we run across.

Creating Custom Search Engines in Chrome.  You can use Chrome’s built-in Custom Search Engines option to make it quicker and easier to find information from specific searchable sites. For example, you could create a custom YouTube search just by starting the search with “yt “, or an IMdB search by starting with “imdb “.

Segment #4: Classroom Applications - Cool things that we (or others) are doing with Google in the classroom.

Google Science Fair.
The Google Science Fair opens today, January 12, worldwide, and we’ll accept submissions until Sunday, April 1 at 11:59pm GMT (or 6:59pm ET/3:59pm PT). In addition to satisfying your curious mind, your brilliant project can also help to win you some pretty cool prizes, like a $50,000 college scholarship from Google, a 10-day trip to the Galapagos Islands with a National Geographic Explorer or an internship at Google or any one of our partners. Our Scientific American Science in Action award winner will earn $50,000 and year-long mentorship to make their project goal a reality. “

Using Pivot Tables To Sort School Data ---- Google Vs. Excel