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Google Educast #027 - Change is Good (and Tough)

Host: Fred Delventhal
Host: Sean Williams
Host: John Sowash
Host: Diane Main

Segment #1: In the News - What happened this week?
Google shuts down lots of stuff!

New iPad interface===just freakin’ awesome

HEADS UP - The black navigation bar is going bye bye. - Fred

Google Maps moves indoors (John)
Currently only available on Android devices. This has some interesting classroom applications. Imagine a geography class being able to create a map of the school. Google has not opened up their indoor mapping tools for the general public.

Segment #2 Tool Shoutout - An in-depth look at 1 Google product
Can it be a third-party app available in GAfE? If so, I completely HEART EasyBib and would be willing to share about that. -- Diane
iPhone app EasyBib

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Segment #3 Tips and Tricks - Cool little things we run across.
you can embed a group into a google site - that creates a discussion board, which means g sites might be a viable lms for online learning (albeit simplified)  - sean

Example -
How to -

Another option is
Here is an example of a embeded into a Google Site:

We can skip this if we’re too long and once again it is more fun than instructional. Chrome Web Browser now features a special version of Angry Birds (looks like Angry Birds Seasons on iOS). Includes special unlock features and more - Fred

NORAD Tracks Santa

Segment #4: Classroom Applications - Cool things that we (or others) are doing with Google in the classroom. for QR codes and more- if nothing else comes up? Alice Keeler has been doing a lot with these.

(I can describe some cool things I know Alice and others have done with QR codes. I’d love to hear more, too! -- Diane)

I’ve done some QR code things with my art teacher using too. Ties in also with the Google iOS app mentioned above. - Fred
Template for the poster

Audio Boo iOS App:

Not from Google, but COOL:  (generate QR codes for more than just URLs!)  AND IN COLOR!!!!

Brief introduction page on QR Codes: