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Google Educast #026 - Maps, Music, Mobile Sites and More

Host: Diane Main
Host: Fred Delventhal
Host: Kyle Brumbaugh

Segment #1: In the News - What happened this week?
  1. Offline docs--not sure when this rolled out but I just found out about it. If nobody comes up with something else we could roll with it-sean
  2. Users can restrict the download of non-Google editor file types in Google Docs. This restriction can be applied to .ppt, .pdf, video, and image files for example.

To restrict downloading, select the file, select the More menu and choose the new option. Alternatively, right-click a document in the Docs list and select Prevent viewers from downloading from the menu options. - Fred

Segment #2 Tool Shoutout - An in-depth look at 1 Google product
I’m happy to do a little something with Google Maps if folks are down with that.  I can make a shared public map for the show notes, and then we can ask listeners to mark their locations. -- Diane

Listeners, please add your location to our shared Google Map:

Segment #3 Tips and Tricks - Cool little things we run across.
Mobile view in sites is a pretty nifty added feature. With more and more learning going mobile this is a great feature.  - Sean +1 (if Sean’s not here I can talk about this)  Google X - Fred

Segment #4: Classroom Applications - Cool things that we (or others) are doing with Google in the classroom.

Google Music

No longer in Beta! I shared this with my music teachers at the beginning of school. They love being to play their music from any computer. Especially when one of their computers had to go in for repair.

Google+ -- new tab on the right -- YouTube player!  Check it out.