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Google Educast #166 - Hard Habit to Break

Hard Habit to Break

What things do you see teachers doing out of habit that waste time or energy that they should try to stop doing in 2015?


  • *If you are using Chrome, stop going to Google to search, just type it in the omnibox

  • * Stop having your kids or yourself sit still for a whole class period. Install the Move It extension.

  • Stop typing “www” - each time a kitten dies

  • Upload documents to Drive and not directly to Sites

  • Stop using shared with me or Incoming in Drive - and stop sharing individual files

  • Add Drive to your search engines in Chrome and start your search there*

  • Organize your email: tabs, filters

    • Clean up that Inbox, there is no honor in 28,762 messages in your inbox

  • Typing in an a URL? Stop checking the suggestions and then clicking on where you are going. Type the whole thing and hit Enter.

  • Learn to use CTRL-F or Command-F or CTRL- T or CTRL - C/V CTRL-?

  • Don’t close that Chromebook! (Fred says this is great)