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Google Educast #161 - Google goes Interstellar

Show Title: Google Educast #161: Google goes Interstellar

Show Host: Kim Zimmer

Show Date: Nov. 13 & 14, 2014

Show Contributors:

  • Fred Delventhal

  • Sean Williams

  • Juan De Luca

  • Chris Betcher

Show Description

Kim and Seani are back and join Fred, Juan and Chris this week for a bumper edition of Google goodness. News about Google Classroom, Inbox, Google Drive for iOS and YouTube Music. Learn some great tips for managing your toolbar icons, some awesome Chrome apps like Draftback, SimpleExtManager, and of course some great ideas for teaching Search skills using Google Apps in the Classroom.

  • Segment 2: Tips and Tricks. 

    • Show icons, not words in your bookmarks toolbar (my teachers loved this tip last week!...KZ)

      1. Customize the behavior of your individual bookmarks in Chrome by wrapping the following javascript around the address:


      2. For the URL, you must include the http:// or you'll get an error. Just apply this to the bookmarks you'd like in a separate tab.

    • 9 Tips for Teaching with YouTube