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Google Educast #151 - With the Creator of Autocrat and Doctopus - Andrew Stillman

Show Host: Kevin Brookhouser

Show Date: July 24-25, 2014

Show Contributors:

  • Megan Ellis

  • Fred Delventhal

  • Chris Betcher

Show Guest(s):

Guests bio: Andrew Stillman

Andrew is the Senior Lead Program Officer for Systems Development at New Visions for Public Schools and originator of dozens of Apps Script tools for automating workflows in classrooms and schools (Doctopus, autoCrat, formMule, gClassFolders, gClassHub, pageMeister, sheetSpider, formFolio, etc.). Andrew is a veteran classroom and outdoor educator of 15 years and now supports 80 NYC public high schools. His personal and professional mission is to radically disrupt cycles of poverty through effective educational practices supported by free or low cost cloud technologies.

Show Description for WordPress Post (70 words):

Today on the educast we welcome two new faces to the show. First Megan Ellis a language arts teacher from Palo Alto will join the gang, and she kicks off her first show live, roughing it from Maui. We’re stoked to have Megan on the team. Our special guest for the show is none other than EdTech royalty, Andrew Stillman, creator of insanely useful scripts and Add-ons … most notably, Doctopus and Autocrat. Andrew talks about some of the tools you might not have heard of like siteMaestro and chromebookInventory. He also chimes in on his unique perspective on Google Classrooms. We take a look at the new Google Open Education Site, as well as remind you of Google Lesson Plans even if it does act a bit wonky.

  • Segment .5: What’s up with Andrew Stillman?

    • Intro

    • Recent releases:

    • What I am working on right now?

      • Preview of formRanger Add-on interface…

    • Thoughts on Google Classroom

      • The annoyed

      • The worried

      • The hopeful

  • Segment 2: Tips and Tricks.

  • Segment 3: Chrome and Android: