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Google Educast #134 - Is Chromeaggedon coming?

Show Host: Fred Delventhal

Show Date: February 20/21, 2014

Show Contributors:

  • Sean Williams

  • Kevin Brookhouser

Show Description

More fiber? Several cities say yes please to Google Fiber. The official end of life policy for Chrome OS devices was recently published, does that mean Chromeaggedon is coming? The new Google Maps is out for everyone, what do you think? There is a site for check out for adding Hangout apps and an old tool comes comes back - newspaper archive. Is that a scanner in your pocket? Why yes, I am using the Drive app! Fred brings back an old friend, Google Voice while Kevin shares the most recent update to MIT’s Android App Inventor 2.

  • Segment 3: Chrome and Android:

    • This is wild! - Project Tango (KZ)

      1. Google has built a prototype Android smartphone that can learn and map the world around it. The device comes from a new initiative called Project Tango, and it's ready to get the phone into developers' hands to see what the technology is capable of. Google says that the phone will learn the dimension of rooms and spaces just by being moved around inside of them — walking around your bedroom, for example, would help the phone learn the shape of your home. The hope is that by creating a robust map of the world, Google's phone could eventually give precise directions to any given point that needs to be reached.

    • Google Voice (by Google) revisiting this (FD)

    • MIT’s Android App Inventor 2 improvements over 1 (KB)