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Google Educast #114: Four Free Fantastic Form Functions

  • Segment 2: Tips and Tricks.

    • FormFolio - thanks +andrew stillman (SW)

    • Ask a GCT - Julie Spang writes

      1. Hi Google Educasters!

I am a tech integrator helping our district roll out Gmail to our staff this year.  One of my secretaries has a request that I cannot find the answer to:

"Is it possible to distinguish between already read and not read emails in a bolder color.  The light gray vs. white just blends all together when you have large amounts of email to search through."

Sean - I think the best way to do it is from inbox go to the Gear ⇒ Settings⇒Themes (last tab) ⇒choose high contrast (last one on the top row)

Fred - I'd second Sean's but add to take a look at Cog/Gear ⇒ Settings ⇒ Inbox

There you can choose use Priority inbox or keep all unread messages first. As messages are read they drop down to an unread level.

  • Shoutouts and Feedback- always a good idea to let the audience know about sessions, workshops, keynotes- and events happening in International Education.

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    • Google Summits coming up soon (to a town near you apparently!… )


      • Singapore (last weekend)

      • South Africa (Sept 26/27)

      • South Korea (Sept 28/29)

      • Melbourne (Oct 3/4)

      • North Carolina (Oct 19/20)

      • Kamloops (Oct 25/26)

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      • El Salvador (Nov 16/17)

      • Kuala Lumpur (Nov 23/24)

      • India Nov (Nov 23/24)

      • Mexico (Nov 29/30)

      • Montreal (Dec 7/8)

      • Tel Aviv (Dec 22/23)

    • 14 countries! 5 continents!

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