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Google Educast #096: Globetrotting with Google

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  • Cebuano is one of the languages spoken in the Philippines, predominantly in the middle (Visayas) and southern (Mindanao) regions of the nation.

  • You can hear the Hmong language spoken in many countries across the world, including China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and throughout the United States.

  • Javanese is the second most-spoken language in Indonesia (behind Indonesian), with 83 million native speakers.

  • Marathi is spoken in India and has 73 million native speakers. Google Translate already supports several other Indian languages: Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu.

  • Bosnian is an official language in Bosnia and Herzegovina that’s also spoken in regions of neighboring countries and by diaspora communities around the world.

  • With the exception of Bosnian, these new languages are “alpha,” meaning while the quality isn’t perfect, we will continue to test and improve them over time.

Question: I stumbled on this website the other day. Maybe you guys have already discussed this...couldn’t remember. According to our network guys, we can’t use Chrome because there is no way to manage the apps, downloads and juggle all of the apps with our web filter. Is this the answer or is this functionality still exclusive to Chromebooks? Also, why only Windows? Change coming down the line now

  • Shoutouts and Feedback- always a good idea to let the audience know about sessions, workshops, keynotes- and events happening in International Education.

  • Jennie Meagia(sp) has a show on EdReach called Mobile Reach If you want to hear more wisdom from her.(Nick)

  • What about Nick???? New GCT :)

  • Great video from Google
    Moonshot thinking

Happy Mother’s Day From Google (KZ)