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Google Educast #091 - Yes, Your Form HAS been Submitted

  • Segment 4: Classroom Applications:

  • Segment 5: Ask a GCT

    • I have been trying to set up a google group/site for our faculty to review the new online course evaluations that we will be doing next year. We need people to see the documents and comment on it, so I tried to create a google site that would eventually contain the documents that they will need to refer to. At the bottom of the page, I intended on adding the google group

    • So instructors can leave comments and have a discussion forum. The problem is that if I use iframes, it tells me that certain tags will be removed. I also tried using google groups gadget, but it says the URL is bad. I think it's because the gadget can't use https. When I try searching the forums for help, the only answers I find seem to refer to the old google sites.

    • In the interim, I discovered that I can do something similar in WCMS and have the forum displayed, which is great. But since I am going to hand this project to someone else anyways, that person won't have access to WCMS, so using google sites is much preferred.

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