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Google Educast #045 - Drive it Home

Host: Diane Main
Host: Fred Delventhal
Host: Chris Betcher
Guest: Kern Kelley

Segment #1: In the News - What happened this week?

Google Drive - on the way? It’s HERE!
Interesting situation for anyone who was paying for storage previously. But how will this translate for schools who have got extra storage agreements? Maybe like this? CB
“Following the opt-in period, Google Drive will become the default and will replace the documents list as the way for users to access their files and documents. At this time, all users will have access to the desktop sync clients and mobile applications.”

Google sells SKETCHUP to Trimble -
Screen sharing

Segment #2: Tool Shoutout - An in-depth look at 1 Google product

Google News
Different views - classic, modern, compact...

Personalize - adjust the sliders - add sections - add custom topics and sections

Google News Archive

Also, I can’t remember if we’ve ever done anything with Google Newspaper archive search? Anyone recall?

Segment #3 Tips and Tricks - Cool things we run across DM

Haven’t tried it yet....but making videos on Chromebooks? Pixorial (integrates with Google Drive) DM (sorta)

Chrome Apps that work with Google Drive FD

Segment #4: Classroom Applications - Cool things that we (or others) are doing with Google in the classroom.

Follow-up from last week: (DM)
We shared Will Kimbley’s Self-Grading Rubric idea on the show.  He’s doing a usability study of that demo for his Master’s program.  Can you help?
(It’s a Google Form!)

Autocrat Script for mail merge in Google Docs
The autoCrat Script was written to be a multi-purpose document merge tool that allows you to take any personalized, row-based spreadsheet data and create, save, attach to email, and share templated documents. No scripting ability required to use. FD

Handout Generator
This is a simple script housed in a google sheet that allows teachers to create handouts for their classroom, shares the student appropriately and organizes the handouts in a collection. It can be used to create sheets as well as docs. FD

Good book to get started scripting with Google Apps.
Google Script: Enterprise Application Essentials: Adding Functionality to Your Google Apps


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