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Google Educast #088 - Save Google Reader!

Show Date: March 14, 2013
Show Contributors:
  • Fred Delventhal
  • Kevin Brookhouser
  • Kim Zimmer
Show Guest(s):
  • Tanya Avrith

Guests bio:

Tanya Avrith works with students, teachers, administrators and parents to help improve learning using technology in Montreal, Canada. Tanya holds a Master's Degree is Educational Technology. As the Itinerant Educational Technology and Digital Citizenship Teacher for the Lester B. Pearson School Board. Tanya pioneered the Digital Citizenship Program and spearheaded the creation of the curriculum materials. Prior to her current position, Tanya worked as a high school teacher.

In 2012, Tanya had the opportunity to attend the Google Teacher Academy where she became a Google Certified Teacher. She also visited Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, California to discuss digital citizenship education. In July, Tanya will attend the Apple Distinguished Educator institute in Austin Texas.

Show Description:
The ‘cast discusses saving Google Reader and then why Google Reader is great, followed by an overview of how Google Reader is used in our schools, and the despair facing millions without Google Reader. Oh, and magic fill in sheets is back, or maybe never left, a great Chrome app. “One Tab” and “Cargo Bridge”

  • Segment 4: Classroom Applications:
    • Kevin has an awesome Classroom application.

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