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EdCeptional #016 - Surfing the SLP wave with SpeechTechie

Tonight we are Surfing the SLP Wave with Speech Techie, Sean Sweeney. Sean is a speech and language pathologist and instructional tech specialist and is the author of the blog SpeechTechie. We are very excited to have Sean with us tonight!

ROLL CALL:  What lights your passion for learning?

Sean Sweeney: I would have to say, engaging new contexts!  Our goals and methodologies with students stay rooted in sound practices, but we can always ,mix it up and offer different contexts for our instruction (e.g. new storybooks, games, apps and websites)

Patrick Black:  showing others what our students can do.  It’s amazing to break a lot of the old stereotypes!

Jeremy Brown: being able to immediately apply concepts or use tools in my classroom

Deb Truskey:  I have been in this business since 1977. So many things have changed! This is truly an exciting time to be in the fields of education and health sciences. Technology is changing everything!

Your host for tonight....Anne Truger What lights my fire? Doing what is right for students! So many of today’s decisions are made for financial/political reasons and that frustrates me to no end! Decisions should be made because it is what is right for a student not the bank account!




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That will do it for this week on EdCeptional!  All of the resources mentioned during our shows can easily be accessed in our Diigo group.   If you would like to continue the conversations, you can find our special guest Sean at  SpeechTechie on Twitter,  and the rest of the crew at Patrick Black at http://about.me/patrickblack or teachntech00 on Twitter, Jeremy Brown at techieteacher on Twitter, Deb Truskey at debtruskey or SLPDeb on Twitter, and Anne Truger at  atruger on Twitter.

Any comments or suggestions about our show can be shared with the crew at @EdCeptional on Twitter or EdCeptional@EdReach.us.

The EdCeptional Crew will taking a short break for the summer, please look for us to return in August!